Case Studies

ENFASYS will investigate the 10 case-studies to uncover their mechanisms at food system level, uncovering key lock-ins (i.e., aspects of the system that generate reinforcing feedback of incumbent systemic structures and dynamics that prevent change) and potential levers (i.e., points in the system where a strategically tailored intervention can create positive lasting change) to move towards SFS.

ENFASYS 10 Case Studies

Regenerative Agriculture
The territorial implementation of biodiversity policy objectives in France and Belgium
Goal oriented biodiversity promotion in Kanton Zürich
Developing the protein autonomy of dairy cattle farms in France
German ENFASYS case study
Shift to sustainable practices across the EU through consumer brands
Direct Selling in Slovenia
ARVAIA: Enhancing profitability of organic wheat production in Italy
Irish organic dairy case study
Flemish ENFASYS case study