Flemish ENFASYS case study

Country: Belgium

Topic: Sustainable growth of organic vegetable production in open air

Description: Densely populated, affluent, and well-connected northern region of Belgium, with favourable pedoclimatic conditions for farming, High concentration of livestock (dairy, poultry, pig, beef) and intensive vegetable & fruit production, with well-developed food industry and AKIS, Aging and shrinking farming population, High eco-efficiency, but exceeding local environmental and social boundaries, Continuous political crises over environmental limitations to economic development.

Main actors involved: organic farming sector, applied agricultural research centres, farmer advisers, organic farmers, value chain actors, agricultural policy department.

Objective: Sustainable growth of organic vegetable production in open air.

Sustainable practices: Organic vegetable farming in open air, integrated pest management

Contact person: louis.tessier@ilvo.vlaanderen.be