About The Project

Project key Work Packages


WP1 Scoping and Framing of pathways towards SFS

Objective: scope and frame the conducted research on systemic mechanisms, behavioural factors and experiments with proposed interventions, by building on previous research and connecting with ongoing research projects.

WP2 Developing a system-dynamic understanding of mechanisms, lock-ins and levers in the broader food system

Objective: uncover the key lock-ins and potential levers at the food system level to transition towards SFS throughout the EU and associated countries.

WP3 Understanding behavioural factors in the decision making of farmers and the buying behaviour of products from SFS

Objective: identify a comprehensive set of behavioural factors related to farmer decision-making towards different interventions options across case studies and at EU-level and ii) explore the buying behaviour of products from SFS of citizen-consumers

WP4 Develop systems- and behavioural based ToCs to understand the potential impact of public and private interventions

Objective: identify potential leverage points and strategies to effectively incentivise large-scale and long-term behavioural shifts by farmers towards SFS.

WP5 Test the potential of systemic and behavioural interventions through experimental research and system dynamic modelling

Objective: test the co-created systemic and behavioural interventions through experimental research and system dynamic modelling.

WP6 Enhancing policy design and implementation for climate neutral and sustainable EU farming systems

Objective: define transformative strategies for policy design and implementation to foster the shift towards SFS.

WP7 Develop business strategies, models a social innovation that collectively incentivise farmers to move towards SFS

Objective: propose business strategies, new business models and social innovation that engage farmers, consumers, and other food system actors in innovative ways to enable farmers to move towards more SFS.

Six Key Pillars


Scoping and framing transitions to SFS, based on a conceptual framework, a literature review, and a light touch review of up to 160 cases of transitions to more SFS.


Uncovering lock-ins from a systemic and behavioral point of view, through qualitative quantitative systems analysis, and qualitative-quantitative behavioral and experimental studies.


Combining systemic and behavioral insights regarding lock-ins and levers for SFS into empirically grounded and validated ToCs.


Testing the potential of policies and business strategies to move farmers towards more SFS, through experimental studies (discrete choice experiments, field experiments and randomized controlled trials) and system dynamic modelling.


Co-designing policy mixes, business strategies and social innovations and stimulating their implementation.


Maximizing our impact by identifying clear pathways from results to outcomes, through strategic communication / exploitation / dissemination and tailored capacity building, and outcomes to impact, by contributing to key ongoing activities/initiatives on the local and European level.

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