The territorial implementation of biodiversity policy objectives in France and Belgium

Country: France, Belgium

Topic: Agri-environment-climate measures implementation at territorial level

Description: In EU, both pillars of the CAP target several environmental objectives, amongst which is biodiversity protection. In particular, voluntary subsidies schemes are at the core of the second pillar and are known as the Agri-environment-climate measures (AECMs). The regional case study in Hauts-de-France (FR) and Wallonia (BE) targets how do European objectives shape the agri-food territorial system, through subsidies design and eventually implementation of territorial actions, identifying related barriers and (potential) levers.

Main actors involved: Public administrations, farmer advisors, policy makers, farmers

Objective: To understand the potential and limits of voluntary subsidized schemes and to incentivize the adoption of biodiversity-protection farming practices.

Sustainable practices: Agri-environment-climate measures

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