Developing the protein autonomy of dairy cattle farms in France

Country: France

Topic: Protein autonomy in dairy farms

Description: Recent crises (covid, war in Ukraine) have underlined the importance of food sovereignty. Today, France imports 3.5T of soybean meal, 44% of which is consumed by ruminants, mainly dairy cows. French dairy cattle farming is 70% protein self-sufficient. The quest for protein autonomy is a current topic, helping to avoid the impact of soybean imports and reduce the dependence of livestock farms on market prices. The aim is to increase protein production on livestock farms using meadows and legumes, and to enhance the value of oilseed and oilcake produced in France and Europe.

Main actors involved: Public administration, applied research, advisors, feed producers, seed producers, dairy farmers, agricultural education.


Objective: To develop the protein autonomy of dairy cattle farms in France (autonomy from market, American soy, more resilient during economic crisis…) Increase the production of legumes, and maintain the production of oilseeds. Better use of grasslands

Sustainable practices: Better management/Development of grassland, cultivate local alternative plants to American soy, stop the import of soy

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