Goal-oriented biodiversity promotion

Country: Switzerland

Topic: Agricultural subsidies for biodiversity promotion

Description: Biodiversity promotion on swiss farms is supported by subsidies according to the type of use (extensive meadows, late cutting, ect.) and certain biodiversity promoting elements. However, in a national biodiversity monitoring it has been showed, that biodiversity promotion of the last few years has not been sufficiently effective. Hence, the ZiBiF program tests goal-oriented biodiversity promotion on 29 case study farms in the canton of Z├╝rich. Over a pilot phase of four years, site-specific biodiversity measures are established in close collaboration with biodiversity and agricultural consultants. Effectiveness, feasibility and acceptability of the project are centra during the transformation process.
Main actors involved: Federal office of agriculture, Cantonal administration,
agricultural and biodiversity advisors, 29 case study farms.

Objective: Find solutions to make biodiversity promotion more effective on Swiss farms

Sustainable practices: Site-adapted biodiversity promotion

Contact person: rebekka.frick@fibl.org