Direct Selling in Slovenia

Country: Slovenia

Topic: Direct selling and short food supply chains

Description: Direct Selling is currently practiced among a large share of medium and small farms in Slovenia. While this activity can represent an additional income for farmers engaging in it rather than in long supply chains, it also comes with challenges. Direct selling requires the development of new skills, additional investments, and workforce. To achieve sustainability in the sector pathways, need to be found to relieve direct selling farmers and give them the tools they need to continue their complementary activities that have a positive impact on social cohesion in rural areas and on the environment.

Main actors involved: Small and medium size farmers in Slovenia

Objective: Engage in solutions for increased economic and social sustainability for direct selling for farmers in Slovenia including increased co-operation and increased use of digital marketing.

Sustainable practices: Introduction of the principles of a better work-life balance in the sector, rural areas social cohesion through short food supply chains.

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